SipineHave you noticed that in the morning, when you just get up from your bed, you are actually taller than you are in the evening? Why? When we sleep, our spine is in a relaxed condition and it comes to its usual shape and length. But why it does not remain this way during the day? Why do we need special exercises to support our back?

Our usual daily activities bring a huge load on our spine regardless of what we do and who we are, a student or a president of a huge company, a housewife or a Hollywood star. At the same time, our mother nature gave our spine really great powers, which, as a rule, we do not use in our daily activities. That is why our spine gets weaker and weaker day by day, if we do not take a special care about our spinal health, and a great deal of people below 40 have serious problems with spine.

In particular, very small number of people do sufficient amounts of stretching the spine in their daily activities. Also, as a result of aging, bones and body tissues can not be renewed and begin losing their elasticity or hardness. In the result, we begin feeling back pains. In the worse situations, repeated daily stresses and injuries start affecting our disks, so they begin suffering from wear and lack of care causing really serious problems and lots of low back pains.

Undoubtedly, our spinal health is a key element of our overall health, and many specialists are convinced that normal function of our body systems and vital organs depend on our good spinal health. And doing easy exercises directed on strengthening your ow back muscles and stretching the back can help you feel strong and avoid low back pains for many years. Such exercises are very simple but very effective to avoid the symptoms of premature aging.