stressesStresses are among the most powerful factors which affect our life quality and cause various imbalances in our body. Stresses are caused by a series of conditions and events, including physical, psychological and biochemical reasons. As a reaction on stresses, our body mobilizes its powers and goes through certain changes.

It is believed that small and mild stresses are useful for our body and mind. They stimulate our mental activities, help us focus and get concentrated on solving the problem causing stresses. As a result of small stresses our blood pressure rises, heart rate slightly increases and our body produces more energy than usually, our immune system function is stimulated and therefore the risks of many health conditions get down.

However, too strong and chronic stresses usually lead to serious changes in biochemical processes in our body causing serious damage and harmful reactions. In particular, studies showed that as a reaction on stressful conditions, the levels of glucocorticosteroids in our blood tends to increase, causing certain hormonal imbalances and changes. As a result of this, our body cells become less sensitive to hormones, that is inked to slowing down many usual chemical processes in our body.

Therefore, our body starts developing such symptoms as overweight and high level of cholesterol in blood, chronic fatigue syndrome, mental disorders and premature aging. In this context, it is very important to do everything possible for minimizing harmful effects of stresses, especially chronic ones, as well as lea a healthy lifestyle, avoid developing unhealthy eating habits and do a lot of physical exercises. Those people, who are exposed too stresses and stressful conditions very frequently, should look for effective psychological help or for the ways to avoid negative effects of the stressors.